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Stuff I Hate.....
  1. Traffic lights
  2. Curbs
  3. Self-Righteous Liberals
  4. Self-Righteous Conservatives
  5. Self-Righteous People
  6. People
  7. Showers
  8. Loading Times
  9. Pop-ups
  10. Sleep
  11. School
  12. People Who Like Pirates Just Because of a Movie That Was Based on an Amusement Ride
  13. Underwear
  14. My Hair
  15. Swass
  16. Facebook
  17. MySpace
  18. Catholicism
  19. Desparate Housewives
  20. Horny Housewives
  21. Tan Lines
  22. Old People
  23. People
  24. Perkins
  25. Hippies
  26. Country Music
  27. Rednecks
  28. Vodka
  29. Pants
  30. Sandals
  31. World Hunger
  32. World Peace


Things I Like....

  1. Kitties
  2. Puppies
  3. Conan O'Brien
  4. Chris Hanson

Damn play...I knew it would happen. A freakin' mariachi band? I think we've sunk to new lows. Even I should've known better. I was even thinking that I might like to see a play that didn't suck. Just call me Nostradamus...

Okay, so it's midnight on a school night and I have nothing better to do (well, that's not true, since I have a math test and a speech tomorrow) so you're gonna get talked at. Now while I have nothing against organized religion, other than it has corrupted some of the greatest minds to walk the earth, much like mandatory public schools, I feel that the Bible has become much too much outdated. let me rephrase that. I believe that a lot that the Bible has to say has become outdated. Now before y'all get all up ons, listen. Humans evolve, thoughts change, lifestyles adapt, Darwin was right and you eat poo.
No, I mean that everything changes and if you say no, you're a frickin' idiot who enjoys to think that you're right. Have you lived for the last million decades? Then you don't know. Have you spoken to God specifically about His plan and where you fit in? Then you don't know. What I mean is that we as a race have grown and changed and the rules are now different. How so? Well, perhaps you've heard of gay marriage. Yeah well, it doesn't exist. Marriage is a term that perhaps is used just a bit too vaugely. What I take it to mean is a union in the eyes of God. Why to homosexual yearn to seek the approval of an institution that is for the most part discouraging their lifestyle and even condemning it? I know that they want the same benefits as married couples on their tax forms and whatnot, but to give them God's blessing on something sacrilegious seems a mite blasmphemous. I got nothin' against homosexuals, but it seems silly to me. Why not act for legislation that would allow for civil unions to be acknowleged with the same benefits as marriage? It could keep the Christian (99.9%) members of the House from feeling guilty about it. Then again a conscience never seemed that important to any politician I met.
But not really the subject I had in mind. I was ripping on organized religion. While it might work for some people, who get their weekly Jesus-hit in the span of 52 hours yearly, I find that it works only as a supplement, not an entire. And while I am not particularily religous, that doesn't mean I don't care. I simply prefer not to shovw my beliefs down others' throats (Remember that you're readin' this, not me). So I keep it inside where it belongs and in the proper  company I may occasionally expose it (hah!).
But why oh why, must people be constantly on a crazy no-sex kick? Is it such a rampant evil, that we must stave it off in our thoughts and actions? Must we be that afraid to experience life in that manner, lest we be looked down upon by our more pious peers?
Now this is not some self-bid for sex (I promise!!) nor do I have the experience that some other may have with this topic (I'm a good boy!!!). However like I said I feel like throwing this out on electronic paper to gather mine thoughts. I truly believe however that sex is in the best interest of mankind (women too). I feel that the Bible may have grown a wee bit outdated from the times of Jesus and further back. For example, when people got married back then they were, like, 12 or 8. Seriously, they were much younger and were doing it for procreation. Not to mention the Bible sort of allows polygamy, a practice that has fallen out of practice due to women living past their first, second and sometimes even third births. So now teenagers are missing out on peak sex years, because of detaining marriage till their 20's usually late 20's (college, first jobs). Let's face it: humans were meant to have sex as young as 17. Now at twelve, it could be a bit much, but because you usually finish most of puberty before 20, it is not much of a stretch to say that you could be safely (and enjoyably) having sex. Now, obviously the practibility of it is questionable since having a kid at 19 could "ruin your life", but at the risk of being repetitive, you truly cold miss out on prime sex years.
Besides being a biological instinct, it is also psychologically gratifying and mentally stimulating, and rather than do research myself, I encourage you to, so you will remember it more vividly. That is, unless you're extremely Puritanistic in your ways and the thought of sex before marriage trauamatizes you. In which case, you have my sincere sympathy and I apologize that your parents, religion, or dog messed you up so badly.
But sex is a boon to man/womankind and there are no cons to it as far as I can see. That is unless you hate babies. But you don't hate babies...do you?
Therefore, let me end by saying that while you may enjoy having sex, it still is important that it not be taken too lightly. It is a wonderful gift to give and is very special. At the very least, it should be an experience that you enjoy with someone you care about. Or least not your dog.
P.S. If you do hate babies, I suggest you go to www.dead-baby-joke.com
Written 4-2-05

All rants are probably meant to offend since you probably know Mike and he hates you...