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Here's where the Germajo will try to answer you stupid idiotic questions and not send you brown bags filled with his feces.

Q: What's the meaning of life?
A: Ok, what's the meaning or the point or the answer? You need to be more specific.
Q: I dunno whatever is easier.
A: Well I can tell you the point of life.
Q: I don't care, whatever!
A: Okay, the point of life is videogames and sexual gratification.
Q: Uh... that's it?
A: Well yeah, besides eating and sleeping and maybe taking a deuce.
Q: I hate you...
A: You'll have that.
Q: How do I know when I've truly gone "gangsta"?
A: All your dollar bills grow two more zeros on them (ex. 1 => 100 or 50 =>5000).
Q: What's better? A chili cheese burrito or a Big Mac?
A: I have to go with CCB because you just don't get the gastro-intestinal fireworks with the Mac. Or at least not as good.

Feel free to start e-mailing me at germajo@hotmail.com.