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Here is a list of things that I have decided to put on here. Just because. You may ask yourself why you can't do that. Well, for starters you don't have your own website, do you? I didn't think so.

Books to Read (Books read so far in red)
-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
-Restaurant at the End of the Universe
-Life, the Universe and Everything 
-So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
-Mostly Harmless
-Fahrenheit 451
-Anything by Kurt Vonnegut (Breakfast of Champions)
-The Plague
-Paradise Lost
-'Salem's Lot
-The Salmon of Doubt
-A Boy Called It
-Tuesdays With Morrie
-Anything by Dave Barry
-Ender's Shadow
If you have any good books that aren't on here, let me know...

Things That YOU Should Do For Healthy Summer Living
-Take a shower once/twice a day
-Mow the lawn
-Send me a dollar
-Walk around naked
-Punch a sibling in the face
-Kill a hobo/drifter
-Watch "Bean" (Rowan Atkinson kicks ass)
-Be your own man/woman at least 2-3 times a day
-NOT go to Arkansas (only for those who want herpes/crabs)
-Send me another dollar
-Ask for a swift kick in the butt (if you don't think you need one, you probably need it more than anyone else)
-Set fire to something/someone
-Get a JOB!