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Hello, you have entered the pinnacle of the Internet...welcome to the Germajo.

15 Aug 2007-- Hmmm...nothing to do....let's revamp this thing, huh? Only been two years since I've been on here... Let's get started...



Trust him, he's a Germajo...

Feel free to browse the site at your leisure. And if you like it, FOR GOD"S SAKE, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!

History of the Germajo
I am the first documented Germajo, thus making me the natural Germajo King. If you or one of your friends believes they could be qualified as one of the lucky few ordained, A.K.A. a Germajo, please contact him by checking the Germajo Himself page for further details.
How can I tell if I'm a Germajo?
Well, it's actually pretty simple. Generally a Germajo is a person of Navajo descent and who was either born in Germany or is of German descent. However, there must be more Navajo blood in you than German blood or you are not a Germajo at all. I was born in Germany, have some German blood in me, but I am 50% Navajo, so I fill all requirements, thus making me a full-breed Germajo (although most people would consider themselves lucky to be any kind of Germajo). You can tell a Germajo by their distinctive good looks, tall frame, dark hair, and if you find yourself wanting to be them, frequently.

My Personal Motto:
What Would Andrew W.K. Do?